Our first summer

So this year, 2017, has been our first year of trading, and we have learned so many lessons! The most important one is that most people don't want to eat chocolate on a hot sunny day! For the Waddesdon Feast we arrived loaded with millionaire's shortbread and tiffin, hoping for a super busy couple of days. Unfortunately, with both days exceeding 33 degrees, it wasn't our weekend and we took a lot of melted chocolate and toffee home, for the bin. My heart sank after all that hard work, and I was close to giving up altogether.

I mulled it over and decided to change what we offer on sunny days, to lemon drizzle cakes, flapjacks, scones and less chocolatey delights. It worked! Lemon drizzle slices were oozing with lemon syrup so were served in a cute little tray with a fork; perfect for a summer's day! Scones were served in packs of 2 with clotted cream and jam.

Now we're planning our autumn and winter events, hoping to get a portable oven so we can bake cookies on site. Who doesn't love a freshly baked cookie on a cold day? I know I find it hard to resist when they come out of the oven. Pure heaven. Watch this space for cookie developments!

Lisa, Paul and Tess xxx

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